Shoppinlove: Made in Italy, handcrafted shoes! 

The handcrafted products are unique: each of our creations is made by expert craftsmen, who take care of every single detail, making every single pair of shoes unique!

The attention to detail in artisanal production makes the difference both for quality, reliability and durability, and for the aesthetics of the finished product.

The whole manufacturing process is carried out with a critical eye down to the smallest details: from the choice of materials to production!

We have always worked in the only modus operandi we know, that is, using hands, head and heart ... to obtain a unique and original product!

Each creation embodies the inestimable value of the Italian artisan tradition.

The quality of the materials and the meticulous attention to detail make our footwear sophisticated creations with an authentic and innovative soul.

We take care of every stage of production:

from the selection of the raw material to the first drafts on paper, from the cutting of the leather to the creation of the last, from the sewing of the soles to the fixing and polishing phase.

A long and meticulous process to offer you a creative product of the highest quality.

Easy safe shopping

Our customers can choose between different payment methods. The purchase can be made by conveniently paying in cash on delivery, credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. After placing the order, our customers are informed about the status of the shipment. Each customer is assigned an order number with which it is possible to track the package to the place of delivery.

Shipping and returns

Shipping takes place within 6/7 working days,
It may happen that a product cannot go well, we understand it perfectly! Just return the product to our warehouse and we will replace the size for free!

Shoppinlove at the customer's service

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For any info do not hesitate to contact us at the e-mail address - whatsapp +39 3423930882

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